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    Let’s get electrified! Summer is almost upon us and as the Sunshine brings good times, party vibes and that early anticipation for the start of Festival season, what better way to power up your playlist than with May’s red hot edition of the Generator Monthly Podcast.

    This month’s special guest mix comes from none other than the gorgeous DJ, Producer, Label Manager and TV Presenter known as Amber D. Ten years in the game and with not one but two Mixmag Future Hero Awards under her belt, Amber D’s visionary work in hard dance has made her one of the industries leading female figures. With credits on her CV that include Tidy’s biggest selling EP of all time, Amber has mixed fourteen best-selling and critically acclaimed compilation albums, released a menagerie of chart smashing singles and remixes and appeared as a strong headliner on many of hard dance’s biggest event line-ups globally. Amber is also the owner of three successful labels - D-Day Recordings, D’Licious Recordings and D’Licious Hard. Here she provides a powerful guest mix that smashes the bar nicely and is assured to get any party well and truly started.

    This is followed closely by your host, DJ, Producer & Promoter Generator. Having taken the hard dance scene firmly by the balls, working behind the scenes on Audio Surgery events and tours while keeping hard at work in the studio releasing a string of genre bending tracks on labels such as Riot, Traffic, Implosion Digital and with forthcoming music on Audio Surgery Records, an eagerly awaited artist album and a brand new compilation mix for Riot's 'Live For The Weekend' series.
    Jam-packed with exclusive tracks, Generator’s own bootlegs, productions and featuring guest mixes from the scenes freshest talent; for just under the next three hours plug yourself into Generator, turn it up, get the windows open and fire up the BBQ because this month, it’s going right off!

    Tracklist and Running order

    Amber D

    Simplexity - Max Cooper
    Pixelated (Eelke Klejin Remix) - Dave Seaman & John 00 Flemming
    Eater - Hiroyuki Arakawa
    When Butter Flies - Mr. Y
    Emotional Self (Microtrauma Remix) - Lank, Cid Inc.
    Flight Theory - Atem Niblz
    Airwalker - Spark7
    Iridescent Snowfall - Artem Zlobin
    Crolab - Tcardovsky Remix - Marsbeing
    Oscillomania - Tigran Ogaezov
    Reflection (egbert Remix) - Microtruama
    Progression (David Johnson Remix) - Ken PLus Ichiro
    Beyond Borders (Dima-Dima's Beaker On - VLA-D
    Raptor - Liquid Vision, Oila Alio
    The Envy Theme (Matt Holiday's Prog Ware House Remix) - Farcade and Holiday Remix


    Exodus & Leewise ‘We Are Your Friends (Organ Donors Remix) Peak Hour
    Smith & Robbo ‘Whippersnapper’ (Andy Raeside Remix) I Like that records
    Andrea Montorsi ' Back Home part 1' Hard Progress
    Leon Clarke ‘Yano Life’ Traffic 
    DJ Igor ‘Epic Show’ PradAA 
    Metyu ‘Time Warp’ (Alex Nocera and Andrea Montorsi Remix) Netswork Records
    David Rust ‘Reversion’ (Andrea Montorsi Remix) GearBox

    BassiK 'Dark Dreams' Audio Hedz Records

    Hardforze Meets Halu Suzuki ‘Komplete Power’ (Busho Mix) H.A.R.D 
    Kujin Fu & Skitek ‘Bass Bitch’ Gearbox
    David Rust ‘Brink’ (Kujin_Fu_Remix) Gearbox
    Hardforze Meets Kuruption ‘Timeless’ (Generator Remix) H.A.R.D
    Scott Attrill ‘Girls Love Techno’ (Generator Remix) Riot!
    Luca Antolini ‘Powerfull Reloaded' (2013 mix) United Styles
    Hardforze Meets Matrix ‘Each Day’ (Ultraviolence Mix) H.A.R.D
    Splinta & XDream ‘Sick Like That’ Tech Fu
    Medowz ‘Blackout’ (Hardforze Mix) H.A.R.D
    Hardforze 'End of Time' H.A.R.D 
    Onex & Trax ‘Unbelievable’ Ourstyle
    Shellshock ‘Do The Math’ Gearbox

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