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So You Think Your A Dj

  • January 29, 2013 2:26 AM GMT
    I'm going to have a rant here.

    What is it with the massive influx of "dj,s" these last few years, they call themselves "dj s", but only play one style, one genre of music.

    Myself I mainly play hardcore techno now, but, to help me be a better dj, I also play, dutch house, breakbeat, oldskool breaks, trance, hardstyle, and hard trance,

    They only play on cdj,s, can,t play vinyl, and only play what everyone else is playing, they never watch the dancefloor, to see audiance reaction, and most are so far up their own arses, they miss the point completely...

    Through the years, iv helped so many kick start their "careers", & as soon as they get 2 rungs up the ladder, they get this almighty ego, forget where they came from, and who helped them, and gave them their first sets, and supported them when everyone else treated them as a joke dj.

    Egos...... Really grinds me....

    And why is it, "i want a better set time" is another one, !!!!!!

    I always take what I,m given, and proud just to be playing..

    End of rant, get of your high horses, and have fun, and, support the parties that support you....
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    January 29, 2013 9:46 AM GMT

    I agree with you on this one mate, i think there is 3 different types of dj's. Mobile DJ's, Bedroom DJ's and then ya real DJ's who where brought up living the music, and who mastered it too. Its an easy title too slap before your name, there is no certificate you get too prove you have earned it.

    I started out using real cheap cdj's the auto sync button was not heard

    It done me, and it learnt me, and it proves you dont need high tech gadgets to become a dj, in my eyes the high tech gadgets have only created lazy dj's and wanna be dj's who just hit sync and think they are great.


    Am all for new generation of dj's, but dj's that do it for love of the music and not the love of the title.

  • January 29, 2013 11:30 AM GMT

    I dont dj myself, but there is too many people who call themselves dj'swhen the clearly not.