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Interview with Rob Cain

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    October 21, 2014 9:20 PM BST


    1) When did you start DJi'n - and what or who were your early passions and influences?

    Like most people my age i got into rave music before i actually got into djing. I was buying Prodigy and XL singles from about 1993. Then started buying happy Hardcore records in 1994.
    Early days it was always about Stu Allan & DJ Sy for me. I would record Stu's radio show every Sunday off Key 103 and listen back all week on my Walkman (in the back of my school classes).

    2) You are well renowned for being a scratch master on both vinyl and cdj's - which do you prefer?

    I wouldnt personally class myself as the Scratchmaster. When i burst onto the Liverpool scene there was nobody else doing it so thats how that whole 'Scratchmaster' thing came about.
    if you compare what i can do to what other people in my scene can do (i.e. John Neal) its pretty basic stuff. John is in another league when it comes to the wikky wikky wahs.
    If i had to pick a format to scratch on though, it would be vinyl. Seperates the men from the boys.

    3) What are currently your main challenges as a DJ and producer?

    Remaining focussed on projects in the studio can be quite testing sometimes. I'm usually quite quick an efficient and can have a track knocked up and mastered in about 5-6 hours, so when I'm working on something for a long period it becomes quite boring and frustrating to me. I love collaborations with other artists though. the ideas just flow so easily.

    4) During your career as a DJ can you name one event that stuck in your memory?

    I have played thousands of gigs over the years. Picking a favourite is impossible and there's been loads of memorable ones. This year ive played 2 Pumpinland events in Poland that were both amazing, Skamner in the north of Spain which was also excellent and the main room in Bowlers twice.
    Most recently was the Reminisce Festival where our brand 'Make Some Noize' hosted arena 2. The event was a sell out and our arena was packed out all day. I am really looking forward to next year, its going to be amazing. Therefore that's the most recent great clubbing memory for me.
    If you want to go back a bit though, playing Club 051 has always been special to me. Playing to a locked out venue in your home town is unbeatable.

    5) Every DJ has a funny story about a situation that happened, can you tell us yours?

    I have hundreds. Most are pretty sordid though so I'll stick with this one....
    About 5 years ago me and my mate Stu were off to Blackburn one night as i was playing a Frequency event there. Just as Stu arrived at mine to pick me up it had started snowing. Not wanting to miss the gig I told him that it would "probably be ok and at some point the snow would stop". Wrong.
    After being stuck in the stationary traffic on the M6 for 5 hours (and missing the gig) i told him to take the first turning off the motorway and we'd make our way home. Which he did. BIG mistake.
    We ended up stuck in a fucking ditch for 12 hours in the ice and had to eat snow because we had no food and drinks. Our phone batteries went dead and I needed a shit.
    To make matters worse we must have been on some kind of farm land because when I left the car to try and get help there was to massive security dogs on the land just sat outside the car. I shit myself.
    Eventually a man with a rope towed us out but after being stuck in the Snow for just under 18 hours I vowed I would never travel in crap weather conditions again.

    6) Do you have a favorite MC that you like to pair up with when your DJ'n?

    MC B. That man is a lyrical fireball. The best, most professional MC I have ever worked with in 20 years.
    Not only is he absolutely amazing at hosting events, rhyming and crowd interaction he is also an absolutely amazing person and a really close friend. He's an asset to any event.

    7) When you was voted 3 times Best DJ at the Bounce Heaven Awards (2008/2009/2010) would you say this was the peak of your career as a DJ?

    I was certainly doing a lot of gigs at this point, but by this stage i felt the music had dive bombed in quality so musically I wasn't enjoying as much as i had 8 years previous. It was still certainly a really fun time and the gigs were great.

    8) Do you prepare for each set?

    Not really. I usually have an idea for a track I'd like to start with and then just go from there. Depending on what the reaction is like off the first track i can usually judge what type of crowd I'm facing and select tracks based on that. At any one gig i usually have about 6000+ tracks with me (on USB & CD), so musically it could go anywhere.

    9) What was your hardest gig you experienced?

    Some international gigs are tough because you play tracks that are dance floor detonators in this country but the Europeans have never ever heard them. So you are kind of playing a set of fresh stuff that they've never heard before. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Absolutely horrible when it doesn't.

    10) Do you feel that the crowd appreciate the skill and effort that happens behind the decks when your DJ'n?

    For me its all about crowd interaction and enjoying myself. I've been to see many top DJ's and been disappointed to see them playing to 5'000 people but stood there like they are hating it. Its the best job in the world, appreciate it.
    I think that if the clubbers see you having a good time it reflects onto them and they have a better time too.

    11) When your not behind the decks working, where would we find you on a night out?

    Me and the wife like going to nice cocktail bars with no house music. Igloo in Liverpool is our favourite I think. Plus my mate owns it so we get treated really well in there.

    12) Laptop DJ's may have given technology a bad name, What's your perspective on the relationship and the balance between technological advances, music and the art of DJing? How have particular technologies changed your style of DJing?

    Its all a bloody farce i think. pressing a button to mix tracks for you is not what DJing was about for me. you had to have skills to blend a set together. Nowadays any idiot can do it. And there is plenty of idiots out there at the min completely blagging it and doing really well too. Stealing the limelight from people that actually deserve it. Its very annoying.

    13) What's the one song you will always drop to make the crowd go wild?

    Depends where I am. If I'm in Liverpool then Invisible Man 'Give A Little Love' just rips up dance floors but out of Merseyside its a bit more cheesy. Probably Love Inc 'Superstar', Ultrabeat 'Green Eyes', Wand 'Happiness' or any remix of 'Sweet Dreams' that's kicking about.

    14) Make Some Noize is now a year old, there has been 3 events to date! Which event has been your favorite so far?

    The first one with The Klubbheads at 051. My favourite producers at my favourite venue and it was rammed. Such a good night that. Addy Van Der Zwan is an absolute legend and a real gent.

    15) If there was one DJ and money was not an issue to book for your next event, who would it be?

    I cant say because we're booking him next year!

    16) Is the going to be a Make Some Noize 4 - If so can we have a sneak insider to when and where?

    Yes! We are doing 2 next year. One in Liverpool and one in Wigan. We will also (hopefully) be hosting the bounce arena again at Reminisce Festival.

    17) Finally Rob, how long can you see your career lasting, do you have the ambition to be doing it large still in your later years...the likes of John Cotton and Carl Cox?

    As long as people want to listen to me, I'll keep playing! There is no age limit on having fun and listening to great music.


    You can find Rob Cain on the following pages.

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    Clubb'in Heaven 24-7 would like to thank Rob Cain for this interview.

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